About Joanne

Hi! I’m Joanne.

For those of you who are exceptionally keen and noticed a discrepancy between domain and site names—my new last name as of mid-2017 is Bang (so cool, I know). Joanne Hung is/was me. Joanne Bang is also, and for sure, me.

I’m a copywriter trained by the Texas Creative program at the University of Texas at Austin (🐂🤘). From internship to every other ad agency I’ve worked in, I’ve sold work to client. I’m currently based in Orange County writing in-house at Etekcity.

If you’re looking for specific contact info, try my email or LinkedIn page.

If you’re here snooping around for more info about me, here’s a summary of places I’ve been.

IW GROUP / Los Angeles, California

Clients included McDonald’s, MetLife, Farmer’s, Wal-Mart, and a client pitch. I helped sell work to McDonald’s, MetLife, and Farmer’s.

TEAM ONE / Los Angeles, California

Clients included Renaissance Hotels, Lexus, and a client pitch. I helped sell work to Lexus.


Clients included Jose Cuervo, VitaminWater, MetLife, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami, Domino’s, Burger King, and AmEx. I helped sell work to Jose Cuervo, VitaminWater, and MetLife.

The University of Texas at Austin  / Austin, Texas

Programs and degrees: Texas Creative. BS, Advertising. BA, Plan II Honors.